Monday, April 11, 2011

What is CPU Cooler?

The first information that you must to know is What is CPU Cooler means? "CPU cooler" or also Processor cooler is one of the most important Computer cooling part for our computer system, this component can protect your CPU always cool and it's very important for your computer stability. I'm a Computer maniac, and I always searching all about computer, and I thing I need more information about CPU cooler it's because I can't found in another web about this part, So I try to make a simple blog that containing all about CPU cooler, everything about it, include CPU Cooler program, cooler product, tips and trick, and some cooler review.
Asus CPU Cooler
If you want to know more about CPU Cooler, you should better check this article about it from Wikipedia.
CPU Cooler with Water/Liquid System
CPU Cooler
This is my first post for this blog, hope you like it and i want to share all about cooler here, lets get started. Thank's you very much (CPU Cooler Blog Admin)

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